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terms and conditions of use
Accessing, visiting and ordering on the website implies acceptance of terms and conditions presented below. Please read this information carefully before sending an order/ purchase offer, because this implies your acceptance regarding the conditions. This conditions can be modify from time to time, without an announcement or acceptance of the users. You can read the recent version of this conditions anytime by accessing this page.

order processing 
To complete the sale and purchase of any product shown on the website must be sent an offer to buy/order from the customer and offer of purchase/ order must be confirmed by a representative of EVW Holding.

The steps for completing the order are the followings: (1 ) order handling-is done every day according to the schedule mentioned on the site. The orders placed after the working program will be taken over in the following working day. (2) order confirmation – SH sale agent will contact you and will inform you about the product availability. (3)delivery – after the confirmation and signing the contract between parties the truck will be delivered.

The orders will be honored long as stock last. Although we do our best for each product from the stock to be available for delivery. It can be possible to be more reservations/orders on the same product making impossible to complete all purchases. So the customer will be announced as soon as possible if (after he sends the order) about the availability of required product.

prices and payment terms
The prices on the website are in Euro (including VAT) and are for information. The final price is composed of the product price agreed between parties plus the VAT amount. Payment terms: payment order, promissory note, CEC or other modality agreed by the parties. There are no additional charges, regardless of payment method.

product delivery
The products can be delivered anywhere in Romania by the transporter agreed by S.C. EVW Holding S.R.L. Place of delivery and delivery time is agreed by parties. In special conditions by S.C. EVW Holding S.R.L. assumes the rights to increase delivery time with an advance notification of the client

disclaimer of responsibility
Technical specification and prices of the products in this website are made by us by sing manufacturer specific information presented products. Products description are informative and can be modified without a prior notice. S.C. EVW Holding doesn’t assume any responsibility for the changes that may occur.

We have worked hard to minimize all the mistakes that can occur electronically or manually editing. Also, the images are posted on website are for information only, the delivered product can differ from images.

dispute resolution
Any dispute that may occur between the user and S.C. EVW Holding S.R.L. will be solved amiably. If will not be solved amicably, the conflict will be solved by the competent judicial court from Romania according to the present Romanian laws.

protection of personal data
S.C. EVW Holding S.R.L is subscribed in the Register of personal data processing under number 11370. According to the law number 677/2001 for protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and of free movement if these data, modified and completed and the Law number 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and protection of privacy in the electronic communication system, S.C. EVW Holding has the obligation to administer in safely conditions and only for specific purposes, personal data of you ,family member or other person. Purpose of data collection is the transmission of communications for commercial or promotion of products and services by telephone and / or e-mail to confirm that orders.

You are required to provide data which is necessary for processing orders. Your refusal to provide data it will impossible to complete orders. Recorded information are intended exclusively use by the operator.

According to the law number 677/2001, you have the right to access and modify the data and the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to appeal to justice. Also, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to request deletion of data. To exercise this rights you may submit a written form, dated and signed, to SC EVW Holding SRL, adress: Gilău, 1333 Principală street, Cluj county, or to e-mail You may also have the right to appeal to Court.

If some of your data is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.

all rights reserved
S.C. EVW Holding S.R.L. reserves the intellectual property rights upon all information provided and posted on the website. None of the material on this website may not be partially or entirely reproduced or modified without the prior written permission of SC EVW Holding SRL. Violation of intellectual property rights , recognized and protected by law number 8/1996 give rise to civil liability and penalty.